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“What I love most…” by photographer Matthew Quake

Posted by Nonsuch Mansion

What I love most about Nonsuch Mansion is…

… the location, the service and the endless opportunity to take great photographs, come rain or shine.

If you’ve been to Nonsuch then I don’t need to say much more about the location, it’s set in a stunning park and gardens. A lot of my bride and groom photography is very romantic and I love shooting this style amongst trees and flowers. Nonsuch offers that in abundance. I also love working at a venue that has great photography opportunities if the weather isn’t on our side. it makes life easier for everyone and ensures you’ll still get lovely pictures even if the heavens open. There aren’t many venues that offer that. I am always really impressed by the service at Nonsuch, it’s always clear that everyone feels well looked after, whether you’re a guest or a supplier. I have to also mention, the Nonsuch cafe does the best sausage sandwich, well worth having if you’re visiting the venue to chat about your big day, sublime!

What I love most about my job is…

… that i get to do what I love week in week out.

I am very passionate about my work, especially fond of documenting a story and capturing people through the lens. Giving up my full time career as a marketing manager was one of the best decisions of my life (apart from deciding to propose to my wife of course!). Photography feeds my, rather large, creative appetite and gives me the opportunity to work with lots of different types of people. I love being a wedding photographer because I have the responsibility of capturing the memories of a special day, memories that will live on through generations. I know that sounds a bit text-book, but I get a buzz from that very idea. it’s the ‘feel good’ factor that drives me and the variety that comes with photographing weddings. Every wedding I do is different, every couple is different and the job on the day isn’t linear in nature or governed by any particular rules (other than timings!). I love the freedom you have on the day to tell the story in the way that you think best reflects the occasion and the couple. I have felt really satisfied after every wedding I have photographed and always excited about going through the pictures in detail the next day.

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