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Our First Christmas

Posted by Nonsuch Mansion

Winter Wonderland Mansion

Here are some photos of the mansion dressed and ready for the imminent arrival of 100 hardworking employees from a local Sutton based company.

Part of our mission is to bring London standards to a Surrey venue and our first corporate clients took full advantage of having a local alternative to heading in to the big smoke. We created something wonderful, exclusive yet cost effective involving a hot DJ, cocktails, a voucher bar, the tree and all the trimmings (click here to see).

The last decade saw a lot of boardroom deliberation and media debate about the importance of seasonal celebrations.

The BBC investigated the “Death of the Christmas Party?” and discovered that seasonal celebrations are still an essential. They estimated that two-thirds of managers still believe Christmas parties are important in helping to improve “employee engagement”.

Experts agreed that this is even more important during tighter times.

“Particularly this year, people have been working twice as hard just to stand still, it’s important to show staff their efforts have not gone unnoticed. If they feel they are going unnoticed they will feel ‘why do I bother’? Some companies are going for quality, not quantity, and are thinking more about what they do, which actually means staff are having a better time.” Ruth Spellman chief executive Chartered Management Institute.

One of the large London events companies felt so strongly about this that it even started a “Say Thank  You at Christmas” campaign.

“It has been a very challenging year, for virtually every business or industry, so this year more than ever companies should be saying ‘thank you’ to the people they employ and the Christmas party is a cost-effective way of doing this.” said Concerto chairman Mike Kershaw 

Charles Cotton, The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development expert on staff rewards said “The Christmas party is one way of reminding staff that they are part of a common endeavour.”

In an article in the HR Review, the founder and chief executive of Best Companies, advised that a party boosts staff motivation and productivity. According to their research, regular social events are important in maintaining a strong team spirit. Companies with strong track records in employee engagement and motivated staff report that they are keeping their Christmas parties, despite the downturn.It’s clear that the companies with the best employees, are those that know how to say “thank you”.


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