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BBC’s “The Tudors”

Posted by Nonsuch Mansion

 We discovered today that the team (and even some clients) share a guilty pleasure in that we are all avid viewers of BBC’s histodrama The Tudors. You can imagine how excited we were when Nonsuch Palace (the mansion’s majestic predessesor) was mentioned in the script on Friday night.

 Henry VIII - The Tudors - Showtime - BBC  Nonsuch Palace_c1620_John Speed_Sketch

For those that missed it, in the fictional scene Henry VIII (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers), is in mourning for Jane Seymour  and in his grief stricken madness begins to sketch grand designs for a fabulous new palace which he describes in great detail to his fool.

The fool warns him that this, like everything, will one day disappear.

“Yes” growls Henry “but people will say: “People will say “there once existed a great palace there, a palace beyond beauty, a palace beyond compare, and Henry built it” as though it did still exist.”

 A spine tingling moment, especially for those of us that walk on those very ruins every day!

Of course Nonsuch Palace was already long gone by the time Nonsuch Mansion was built in the late 1700’s but the foundation stone from the palace can still be seen as part of the North Porch (near the cafe). If you’d like to find out more about the incredible Tudor masterpiece that gave the park it’s name, take a look at the Friends of Nonsuch website.

Although Nonsuch Palace is no more, we do feel as if we are bringing the spirit of the palace back to life.

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