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Empress of Icecream

Posted by Nonsuch Mansion

Are you enjoying the sunshine? We certainly are! With all the icecream being eaten at Nonsuch Pantry and a majestic weekend on the way, it seemed an appropriate time to share this fabulous book with you.

The Empress of Icecream by Anthony Capella is both a thrilling fiction book set around the history of icecream, but it actually mentions Nonsuch! Obviously as this book is set in the 1600’s, it is talking about Nonsuch Palace and not Nonsuch Mansion which was built much later. In the story, the protagonist of the story, an icecream entrepreneur taking London by storm, is called to Nonsuch Palace by then owner, Countess of Castlemaine, Duchess of Cleveland, Barbara Villiers…

“The infamous Barbara Villiers, Duchess of Cleveland, Charles’s former mistress, ordered me to her house – or rather, her palace, for Charles had given her Nonsuch, one of the finest of the royal residences, as a pay-of for her services. Ostensibly our meeting was to discuss the cordials I could provide for a ball; it soon became clear that she actually wanted icecream, and that in return she intended to provide me with the same favours the king had once enjoyed. When I made it plain that I was not to be so easily bought, she flew into a rage – I have never seen such fury; she was like a woman possessed, hurling any object that came to hand at me, her beautiful face contorted with anger…”

To read the full adventure, buy the book from

Luckily, these days anybody (including us commoners) can get icecream in the park from Nonsuch Pantry. We stock Beachdean Farmhouse Dairy Icecream made from fresh Jersey milk and rich double cream, free from artificial colourings, flavourings or additives, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. Yum!

The Duchess would be very jealous…