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All Things Light and Beautiful

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Duncan from Effectevent is a veritable magician when it comes to all things related to sound and vision.

In the short months since Nonsuch Mansion reopened, he has created the most stunning effects at our parties including our launch celebrations, corporate showcase evening and, most recently, at Sofie and Mark’s New Year Wedding (pictures above and below). Duncan lives locally to Nonsuch Park with wonderful wife Lorna and two lovely young children.

We asked Duncan to tell us more about his passion for technology and ask his advice on why more hosts should be saying “let there be light”.

Why is lighting important?
A good friend of mine who’s been organising parties for a lot longer than I’ve been lighting them, commented recently how he was kicking himself for not booking lighting for an event he’d just got the photos back from. “The party photos always look better with your lighting” he remarked and he’s right.

Carefully considered lighting brings a beautiful space to life, relaxes your guests and creates exactly the right atmosphere, all of which ensure stunning photos and picture perfect memories.

On a more profound level, there has always been a link between ‘light’ and our wellbeing, from the first candles in 4BC to the light bulb which was revolutionising the world when Nonsuch Mansion was still being built.

Light is good for our souls.

What is LED and why is it so special?
In 1962 the light emitting diode (LED) became a useful, though not very bright electrical component. I remember my technology teacher boasting that one day LEDs would light our houses. Not only is this now the case, but they also help Effectevent create a soft, organic and natural ambience at parties.

LED technology also brings Effectevent closer to achieving our main goal, “to supply zero carbon event production”. We’re working with leading edge technology and taming it to fulfil its full potential.

What did you do for Sofie and Mark’s Wedding?
Sofie had seen images of a previous event at Nonsuch Mansion and loved the look Effectevent had created, so we put together a bespoke lighting design to meet her wishes. It included…

  • Warm, purple uplighting to reflect their wedding colour scheme
  • Feature lighting around the feature fireplaces
  • New, state of the art 65 watt outdoor LED Lights to bath the mansion in light
  • Three metre tall ‘aircones’ placed along the pathways creating a snug walkway for guests and dramatic exit for the bride and groom

How much does it cost?
Effectevent have created some set packages for Nonsuch Mansion across a full range of different prices and themes, exterior and interior. Alternatively, like Sofie, you can ask us to create a bespoke package around your needs.

Whatever you choose, people often find that lighting is the most cost effective way to personalise their venue and give guests something to talk about.

Are there any exciting new lighting trends for 2010?
Yes, there’s a new ultra bright single LED light due out later this year which will transform the way we project “gobos” (for example messages and logos) onto the sides of buildings.

At the moment we have to use a data projector (500 Watts) or a traditional light fixture (600 Watts), but the new lightwill only consume 20 Watts and do a similar job!  With lighting, ‘contrast’ and ‘colour’ work well to the eye, we’re hoping fixtures like these will provide both.

Vive la vere revolution!

If you would like to find out more about lighting, please call Duncan direct for more information on lighting your Nonsuch Mansion party on 0845 508 8331 or visit

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