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Our Chairs

Posted by Nonsuch Mansion


As you know, here at Nonsuch Mansion you know we take every little detail very seriously. Which is why we’d like to dedicate an entire article to our chairs.

When we were looking to buy chairs for the mansion, we looked at (and sat on) literally hundreds as part of our research. We tested the way they looked, the way they felt, how wide the seat was, how curved the back was, what they were made of, their colour, how sustainable they were… everything! As food experts, we know that taste is as much about how you feel whilst you eat it as it is about the ingredients in the dish.

The chairs we that finally got full marks come from British company Band International.

Band chairs are famous within the events industry and Nonsuch Mansion is proud to join a long list of happy and prestigious clients that include Royalty, celebrities and some of the UK’s most esteemed venues (The Natural History Museum, Somerset House and Arundle Castle use Band International chairs to name but a few). 

Our chosen design is the Band Camelot, an elegant stick back design in soft, light limewash. Unlike the cheap Asian imports that we saw, they have a wide seat pad, a natural finish and a tall curved back. They are also FSC certified by the Soil Association because they only use timber from sustainably managed European beechwood forests.

The most important thing is that they are the highest quality which means wobble-free and deep cushion comfort for you and your guests.

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