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On the Northern side of Nonsuch Park are the ruins of the palace that gave the area its name. Nonsuch Palace was King Henry VIII's most incredible palace borne out of his desire to celebrate the longed for arrival of his heir Prince Edward, to commemorate the thirty fifth year of his reign and to compete with his French rival's pride, Fontainebleau.

Nothing like it had ever been seen in England before. It was the work of highest quality on an immense scale; modern, striking and ostentatious. As well as the palace buildings, Henry created extensive grounds with deer parks, a walled privy garden, a wilderness, a "Grove of Diana", a banqueting house and a Tudor bowling green.

"This which no equal has in art or fame, Britons deservedly Nonesuch name."

Henry died before the palace's completion but it became a hallowed retreat for Henry's daughter Queen Elizabeth I who reportedly spent "part of every summer" at Nonsuch overseeing extravagant banquets, hunts and merry making.

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